Real Time Drilling Services
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Applications SMEs / Architects / Field service engineers / Project and change managers / Data managers / RTOC support resources


RTDD best practices / Workflow optimisation / Rig survey and hook up / Deployment and change methodology / RTDD contracts


Software and systems selection / Technology, cost of ownership models / Integration road maps / Tailored support models

E&P Consulting are delighted to announce the launch of our RTDD (Real Time Drilling Data) service, dedicated to maximising the value derived from real time drilling technology.

1. The Best Talent

2. Real World Experience

3. The Key To Success

Our proposition

The ecosystem is complex, with a number of service companies and vendors providing options on systems, data and visualisation, only E&P Consulting provide an agnostic approach to delivery.

Cost reduction

We supply resources at a lower price point for the following reasons

  • We have a network of key skills, we don’t sell a bench of resources
  • We don’t have software overheads or development costs
  • We work from the customer site or utilise low-cost virtual office solutions

Assurance and reduced risk

We reduce exposure to risk in both projects and support phases

  • Our resources are real time drilling subject matter experts
  • We support our network and our network supports us
  • Short lead times deploying skills combined with flexible resourcing models

Adding value from the start

Our business survives on leaving a positive legacy

  • We will instill learning in your existing organisation and suppliers
  • We ensure excellence in project delivery and support


R-Cade Partners



E&P Consulting are proud to be part of the R-CADE network of companies, dedicated to innovation and co-operation for real time drilling excellence.