PMO – Supporting M&A activity

A global operator acquired assets from a Super Major, the challenge was to ensure that all processes, systems and data were transferred under their governance. It was necessary to migrate many of their processes along with their corresponding software, systems and data so they could pass local regulatory needs before they could assume operatorship.

Drilling Quality Check Dashboard

An operator with a complex unconventional wells campaign needed to present an overview of SCADA derived drilling information performance, to allow the Drilling Technology Group to demonstrate the effectiveness of automation technologies.

Quality Assurance on Daily Drilling Data inputs

Analyses of DDR (Daily Drilling Reporting ) for this operator identified errors , omissions and non compliance in the region of 30% - 40 % per daily submission. This resulted in poor partner perception, poor re use of data in planning subsequent wells and a general mistrust of the provenance of wells data in general. A team of remote data specialists were inserted in to the process to intercept the DDR and provide a QA / QC service.

Well Delivery Management

A Global Operator with a demanding unconventional well delivery campaign needed to improve the well delivery planning process by automating the tracking of deliverables and timelines. We were engaged to map the processes and design a solution to be replicated across a number of asset teams.

Coordination of the RTDD Environment

Provision of Real Time Drilling Data subject matter expertise. To provide assurance and coordination to assets undertaking drilling campaigns where real time drilling data was part of the workflow.

Building the RTDD Environment

Design and rollout of an environment that would support Real Time Decision making for drilling. This was to be implemented against a background where the client was developing custom modules against a Commercial Off The Shelf application to utilise RTDD to improve Safety and Operational Performance

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