Well Delivery Management

Oil & Gas Super Major

A Global Operator with a demanding unconventional well delivery campaign needed to improve the well delivery planning process by automating the tracking of deliverables and timelines. We were engaged to map the processes and design a solution to be replicated across a number of asset teams.


  • Develop a tool based on new standards that provided a means to integrate with key systems, automate the workflow tracking and promoted process improvements to meet key goals.
  • Drill more wells in the same amount of time.
  • Manage the enormous amounts of data.
  • Provide the ability to exchange data across disciplines, applications and assets.


  • An integrated web based, workflow driven, interactive graphical interface.
  • Provides a single collaborative environment that allows each asset to learn and improve from other assets and streamline business processes to deliver wells.


  • Provided an intuitive tool that allowed fast and easy adoption of best practices across the assets.
  • Considerable man hours saving against time spent searching for critical data.
  • Improved project cycle times, enabling the ability to drill more wells in the same timeframe.
  • Provided baselines for future drilling campaigns.