Drilling Quality Check Dashboard

Oil & Gas Super Major

An operator with a complex unconventional wells campaign needed to present an overview of SCADA derived drilling information performance, to allow the Drilling Technology Group to demonstrate the effectiveness of automation technologies.


  • Reduced the number of excel spreadsheets reporting SCADA derived drilling information.
  • Arrive at a common medium for presentation and visualisation.
  • Provide a single environment that allows each asset to learn and improve from each other and streamline the processes to drill wells.


  • Consolidate the excel spreadsheets into one view as defined by the Drilling Mechanics Technology Group
  • Provide a web based self service portal to be used by the Drilling Mechanics and Technology Group, internal customers and members of the Joint Venture.
  • Provision of data snapshots, generated in real time by the automation system, and extracted in 12 hour aggregate views.


  • Articulated performance improvements over manual drilling, estimating that the automated system could save 5% rig time on a typical deep water well.
  • Rationalization and automation of reports expected to save hundreds of man hours per asset per year.
  • Improved business unit awareness of the benefits of adopting SCADA-drill as part of workflow and securing funding for Drilling Mechanics Technology Group.