Coordination of the RTDD Environment

Oil & Gas Major

Provision of Real Time Drilling Data subject matter expertise. To provide assurance and coordination to assets undertaking drilling campaigns where real time drilling data was part of the workflow.


  • Real time Drilling Data feeds within the customer’s Real Time Operations Center were suffering from unreliable provision and then inconsistent data when provided.
  • Reduction in failures associated with the environment surrounding the provision of RTDD for decision making.


  • RTDD Subject Matter Expert deployed as RTOC Pilot/Coordinator.
  • The coordinators provided assurance to drilling teams around provision of data and services to support their decision making.
  • Documentation of processes to ensure consistency during future drilling campaigns.
  • Gathering of explicit Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements to feed into long term strategy.


  • Support onshore/remote decision making reducing the need for personnel at the well site.
  • Supporting more junior teams at well site.
  • Support multiple drilling campaigns from a single RTOC.
  • Increased adoption of RTOCs as part of drilling operations workflow.